Why Would The Fog Of Atomizer Be Cut?

- Aug 03, 2016-

The following are the reasons for the first problem:

1, can change the chip problem. This decrease in the mist is caused by the aging of the transducer or the accumulation of dust after the chip. If the chip is aging, the fog will increase as long as the new chip is replaced. When the injection of raw energy in the atomized cylinder, the Ca, MG plasma deposited in the appearance of the chip, constitute a solid dirt, it can obstruct the launch of ultrasound, so that the amount of fog reduced. Treatment: The dust on the chip can be soaked with hydrochloric acid, can also be used in velveteen repeatedly scrub, you can also use a knife to be careful to scrape dirt, please pay attention not to force too hard. Avoid scraping the silver layer. In order to extend the service life of the tablet, the chip can be protected by coating and protecting the film. Concrete approach: Wipe out the surface with velveteen. After cleaning the surface, apply a thin layer evenly with 502 glue. Be careful not to flow the glue to the anode surface. It is proved that this protective film does not affect the amplitude and frequency of the wafer, and can extend the service life of the wafer.

2, the ultrasonic atomizer power supply voltage is low, the fog volume is reduced. Some areas of the larger power, when the mains less than 170V, high-frequency generator vibration weakened, the fog decreased, thus, the power of the larger area should be installed electronic communication regulator can be used to stabilize the fog.

3, high-frequency generator vibration frequency drift to reduce the amount of fog, high-frequency generator vibration frequency is based on the natural frequency of energy chip planning. When the parameters of the electronic components in the vibration circuit deteriorate, the vibration frequency will violate the natural frequency of the chip, forming the frequency matching qianan, so as to reduce the output mist of the atomizer. In general, it is difficult to find the electronic components with variable parameters, which can replace the suspicious elements in the vibration circuit. If the mist is increased, the parameter of the replacement component is degraded. Other, can be regulated vibration coil of high-frequency magnetic core, change the vibration frequency, so that the vibration frequency and the natural frequency of the chip to match, and then improve the output of fog.

4. Other reasons. If the liquid viscosity through the large, will add the surface inertia and external tension, medical atomizer to reduce the fog, the use of steam water diluted after reuse. If the liquid cup at the bottom of the poly-vinegar film deformation, will affect the ultrasonic transmission, fog will be reduced. The actual operation found: too low water level also affects the amount of fog, so the actual water level in the atomized cylinder does not violate the water level too far.