Use And Function Of Dustproof Mask

- Jul 19, 2017-


1, the purpose is to prevent or reduce air dust into the human respiratory organs to protect life and security of individual protection supplies;

2, Materials: The current dust masks are mostly used inside and outside the two-layer non-woven fabric, the middle layer of filter cloth (melt spraying cloth) structure;

3, Filtration principle: Filter micro-dust mainly by the middle of the filter cloth, because the melt spraying cloth with its own electrostatic characteristics, you can absorb the small particles. Because the micro-dust adsorption in the filter cloth, and filter cloth with static electricity can not be washed, so dust masks are disposable.

4, note: The use of dust masks in the international requirements are very strict, dust masks in personal protective products in the first grade, higher than the ear hood and protective glasses. More authoritative testing certification has European CE certification and the United States NIOSH certification.

Main role

It is mainly used for working environment containing low concentration of harmful gases and vapors. Only absorbent or absorbent agent is installed in the filter box. Some filter cartridges are also equipped with filter layers, which can prevent aerosol at the same time. Some military respirators, mainly made from activated carbon cloth, or with water resistant oil fabric for the outer layer, glass fiber filter material for the inner floor, impregnated with activated carbon polyurethane foam as the bottom, can be in the event of a sudden attack of gas to provide temporary protection.