Ultrasonic Atomization Inhalation Method

- Nov 12, 2015-

1. The objective

(1) to treat respiratory tract infection, eliminate inflammation, relieve cough, dilute phlegm solution, help expectorant.

(2) Improve ventilation and relieve bronchial spasm.

(3) Prevention of respiratory tract infection after thoracic surgery.

(4) Humidification of respiratory tract, combined with the use of respirator when the original medical Education Network airway humidification.

(5) Treatment of lung cancer.

2. The principle uses the ultrasonic acoustic energy, causes the liquid medicine to become the fine aerosol, inhales by the respiratory tract.

3. Commonly used drugs

(1) Antibiotics to control respiratory tract infections;

(2) to relieve bronchial spasm with aminophylline;

(3) Dilute phlegm-resolving fluid, help to expectorant with α-mi protease, phlegm is easy to clean;

(4) To reduce the use of dexamethasone in the respiratory mucosa edema.

4. Methods

(1) Water tank with cold distilled water about 3cm high, atomized tank diluted liquid 30~50ml.

(2) Turn on the power switch, adjust the fog volume knob, generally with the mid-range (2ml/min), the patient will mouth with mouth into the mouth, closed mouth deep suction, inhalation of air mist.

(3) In use, the water temperature in the sink more than 60 ℃ should be shut down the machine for cold distilled waters. The atomization liquid reduces does not need to shut down, may from the atomization jar lid The small hole add the liquid medicine can.

(4) After the treatment, the first turn off the atomization switch, and then turn off the power switch. Otherwise the tube is easily damaged.

(5) Then disinfection atomization tank, threaded pipe, mouth buccal, mask.

5. Attention--light press the chip and through the sound film, in order to prevent damage; the sink and atomization can only add cold distilled water; continuous use should be intermittent 30min.