The Baby Does Atomization Need To Pay Attention To Which Aspect

- Aug 29, 2017-

Babies with respiratory symptoms can be atomized. But for symptoms and signs are not heavy, and not very compatible, especially 1-year-old baby, you can first use Nosquin nasal care, ribavirin spray and other methods. If the baby symptom is heavier, the duration is long, always bad, need other medicaments to treat, can arrive the hospital to diagnose clearly, further determine remedial plan. If you do need to do atomization treatment, you should pay attention to the following matters:

1, the first half hour of atomization inhalation, try not to eat, to avoid atomization inhalation process aerosol stimulation of the airway, causing vomiting.

2, Posture: Children should sit, half sitting or lying on the side, as far as possible to avoid supine position. When necessary, elevate the bedside 30° side can be supine position atomization inhalation treatment. Because children in supine position when their lung capacity, tidal volume is small, children easily shortness, mouth paid, such as hypoxia symptoms, leading to irritability, refuse atomization.

3, atomization inhalation, such as children frequent cough, shortness and other symptoms aggravating, in the hospital can ask the doctor to check the atomized liquid temperature, flow and posture and so on is appropriate; At home can be temporary atomization inhalation, pat back, feed warm water, etc., after the symptoms improve, and then consider continued atomization treatment.

4, Time: atomization inhalation time depends on the liquid capacity, each time about 10 minutes ~ minutes. You can do $number times a day.

5, atomization inhalation, can not blindly ask fast. Some children do not cooperate, crying and crying, parents in order to quickly end, the oxygen flow open very big, this is wrong. Oxygen flow should be controlled in $number liters/min, or because the pressure is too large or too small cause atomization too fast or too slow and fog particle uneven, affect the treatment effect.

6. The younger the baby, the smaller the buffering effect of the airway mucosa and nasal hair. Atomization inhalation can be used to control the flow of oxygen, starting from the low flow, waiting for children to adjust to gradually increase the flow until the end of the liquid. If you start with a large flow of cold mist or dry air, will airway smooth muscle spasm, holding breath, breathing difficulties aggravating, resulting in children refused atomization.

7, if the symptom is lighter, at home atomization, after each inhalation, can use saline or lukewarm water gargle.

8, Atomizer Cleaning: atomization After the end to clean atomizer, atomizer can not be hot wash with boiling water. Because the atomizer is plastic products, not heat, high temperature will accelerate its aging. The correct cleaning method is, after each use with warm water rinse the atomizer of the Medicine Cup and mask part, dry can. In addition, the pipe part must not wash water, because the water in the pipe is very difficult to dry, easy to breed bacteria.

Because different conditions are applicable to different methods of atomization, not all drugs can be used to "atomization", not all atomization use the same medicine, the correct use can achieve therapeutic effect. Recommended before atomization must take the baby to the hospital, under the guidance of the doctor to use.