Technical Specification For Oxygen Masks

- May 25, 2017-

Hypoxia: oxygen is essential for life activities, if the organization is not enough oxygen or not fully utilized, the organization's metabolism, function, and even the morphological structure can be abnormal changes, this process is called hypoxia.

The purpose of oxygen inhalation: 1 To correct various causes of hypoxia state, improve arterial blood oxygen partial pressure (PaO20 and arterial oxygen saturation (SaO2), increase arterial blood oxygen content (CaO2).

2 Promote the metabolism of the Organization, maintain the body life activities.

Determination of hypoxia degree: according to clinical manifestation and arterial blood oxygen partial pressure (PaO2) and arterial blood oxygen saturation (SaO2) to determine.

(1) Mild hypoxemia: pao2﹥6.67kPa (50mmHg), sao2﹥80%, without cyanosis, generally without oxygen therapy. If have dyspnea, give low flow low concentration (oxygen flow 1-2 liters/min) oxygen. (2) Moderate hypoxemia: PaO2 $number. 67kPa (30-50mmhg), SaO2 60%-80%, with Cyanosis, dyspnea, aerobic therapy. (3) Severe hypoxemia: Pao2∠4kpa (30mmHg), sao2∠60%, significant cyanosis, severe dyspnea, and a three-concave syndrome, is an absolute indication of oxygen therapy. Assessment: 1, the patient's condition, consciousness, hypoxia degree, treatment plan, psychological state and cooperation degree, the patient mouth nasal condition. If there are inactive dentures, etc.

2, assess the safety of the environment, away from the source of fire, oxygen supply equipment, such as mask type.

Preparation: Nurse: Dress neatly, instrument dignified, wash hands, wear masks.

Items: Treatment of the upper layer: oxygen device set, cotton swabs, paper towels, nursing records, one-time oxygen masks, a small cup of clean water, rapid hand disinfection liquid, sewage cylinder, the necessary blood oxygen saturation monitor, wrench.

Treatment of lower-level car: medical garbage cans, living garbage cans.

Environment: quiet, safe, tidy, light suitable.

Posture: According to the illness to take appropriate posture.

Methods: Received the doctor's orders → copied instructions → disposal, check the doctor's orders → wash hands, wear masks → ready to use things → carrying