Oxygen Therapy Is Not Available In Household Oxygen Generator

- Dec 04, 2015-

The reporter found that household oxygen products in some large pharmacies and medical equipment stores, as well as Jingdong, Taobao and other websites are sold. Besides claiming to be able to treat chronic obstructive lung, asthma and other diseases, these household oxygen products also claim to have many health effects: relieving pressure, relieving fatigue, giving skin oxygen, cosmetic effect, and pregnant women's oxygen can promote baby's growth and development. A sales person at a medical equipment store told reporters that using oxygen-making products could also reduce the risk of air pollution. Oxygen production has become a "health artifact."

In a medical device shop, the reporter met a woman who was choosing a oxygen generator and asked for the reason, the woman said: "Buy back to the elderly with COPD, the use of their own health after work." "Many consumers are convinced that the absorption of oxygen can alleviate fatigue, improve the health status of the propaganda only to the absorption of oxygen-favored."

For the absorption of oxygen can beauty said, the Chinese Medical Association Dermatology branch Vice Chairman Zhu Xue bluntly: "This must be blind." He pointed out that there is no evidence to support the beauty of oxygen inhalation, and the human skin surface does not directly absorb oxygen, even through the pressure of oxygen injection, hand massage and other ways, can not make oxygen into the skin. Skin also rely on peacetime care, such as the correct use of sunscreen products, creams and emulsion moisturizing, rely on the reality of oxygen-absorbing, pure concept hype.

"Pregnant women to absorb oxygen can promote the growth and development of babies" is not reliable. Yang Huixia, Director-designate of the Chinese Medical Association's Perinatal Medicine Division, said there is no evidence that oxygen inhalation in pregnant women can promote baby growth, and that normal pregnant women do not need extra oxygen, unless they are women with hypoxemia.

As for the absorption of oxygen can alleviate fatigue, Bai Chuncho pointed out that, if it is due to hypoxia caused by fatigue, oxygen inhalation may have a certain role, but for work fatigue and other causes of tiredness, oxygen absorption has no effect. Fatigue itself is a very vague concept, a variety of reasons can lead to fatigue. "Speaking of this point, Professor He Huan, of the Department of Respiratory Science at Peking University People's Hospital, also pointed out the lack of scientific evidence that oxygen inhalation can alleviate fatigue.

For the absorption of oxygen can alleviate PM2.5 hazard of the statement, Shenhua explained that oxygen inhalation only for people with hypoxia effective, with the solution of PM2.5 is completely different. Oxygen generator can not solve the inhalation of pollutants in the body, for the mitigation of PM2.5 does not make any sense.

What effect does the household oxygen generator have? Shenhua said that oxygen plants for hypoxia people have a certain role, such as COPD, asthma, bronchiectasis, poisoning and other diseases, when patients with hypoxemia need to use oxygen therapy to alleviate symptoms. He Huan also pointed out that home oxygen therapy does change the course of COPD, but it must be consistent with indications and under the guidance of a doctor. Whether it is a medical device sales entity store or a network sales store, in the promotion of some clerks and network promotion, the use of household oxygen production mechanism oxygen can meet the standard of medical oxygen.

Can the domestic oxygen generator meet the "medical standard"? Reporter from a number of oxygen manufacturers understand that the current market sales of oxygen plants are almost all using molecular sieve pressure adsorption principle of oxygen, through the pure physical way from the ambient air to isolate high-purity oxygen.

According to the current pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China, the concentration of medical oxygen is ≥ 99.5%. However, the reporter found that many oxygen products product parameters and description of the introduction of "oxygen concentration range ≥90%", the specific concentration of how much, and not clearly marked, therefore, sales staff so-called "to meet the medical standard" propaganda, there is a misleading consumer suspicion.

In theory, the oxygen saturation of the patient can be more than 90%. Bai Chuncho stressed, but the premise is that consumers will operate. At present, the oxygen concentration monitoring in the market is not much, the common people at home is very difficult to grasp the concentration of oxygen. If the oxygen is less than enough to give too much, not only waste, but also damage to the body.

Shenhua Frankly, he practiced medicine for 30 years, did not recommend patients to use household oxygen generator, some slow lung patients, but can be at home to receive oxygen therapy, but it is medical oxygen cylinders, under the guidance of the doctor used.

He Huan also do not advise people to buy their own, free to use. He pointed out that after all, home oxygen therapy is a indications, in addition to the need to master the use of methods, but also need to do after the evaluation of the efficacy of oxygen inhalation and according to the efficacy of the adjustment of oxygen concentration, these problems need to be addressed under the guidance of doctors.

At present, the market management of domestic oxygen generator is rather chaotic. "An oxygen manufacturer disclosed that the state for the Low-temperature air separation of oxygen, according to drug management, but for the domestic oxygen plant this molecular sieve oxygen equipment has not been included in the drug management system management, but is included in the management of two types of medical devices, the standard is more loose, so the production of oxygen manufacturers a lot

In fact, the status of medical oxygen has been controversial in recent years. An insider told reporters that according to the Pharmacopoeia, oxygen belongs to drugs, it should be included in drug management, strict implementation of drug standards and regulations, but now the molecular sieve system of household oxygen products are included in the two categories of medical devices, apparently contradictory, and the molecular sieve oxygen production standard document has not been issued.

Reporter visited some medical device sales shop found that some oxygen plants have a lot of medical equipment, there is a kind of oxygen machine even the number of medical equipment is not. State Food and Drug Administration 12331 telephone staff told reporters, if there is no such lot, it does not belong to medical equipment.

For this, sales staff explained that no medical device batch number of the "health care equipment." In this respect, the industry pointed out that the current state does not have "health equipment" This category, this type of oxygen plant can only be attributed to the management of small appliances, claiming the effect is difficult to guarantee.