Oxygen Atomization Inhalation Method

- Nov 10, 2016-

1. Principle-the use of oxygen in the high-speed air flow of the liquid into vapor-like, with the patient's breathing into the respiratory tract to achieve therapeutic purposes.

2. Objective--to relieve the respiratory spasm, make the respiratory tract unobstructed the medical Education Network original and improve the ventilation function, eliminate the inflammatory reaction of the respiratory tract, dilute the sputum, reduce the local edema.

3. Commonly used drugs

(1) Prevention and control of infected drugs: gentamycin sulfate, kanamycin and so on.

(2) Diluted sputum drug: α-protease and so on.

(3) Relieves the bronchial spasm the medicaments: breathes the Spirit, the aminophylline and so on.

(4) To reduce the mucosal edema of drugs: dexamethasone and so on.

4. Operation procedure

(1) Get the material to the bedside, explain, check, obtain the patient's cooperation, put good posture, pave the treatment towel.

(2) Dilute the liquid medicine within 5ml, inject oxygen atomizer inside.

(3) Instruct the patient to gargle, connect the atomizer into the trachea with oxygen, regulate oxygen flow to 6~10l/min.

(4) The patient holds the atomizer, the mouth to put the population, close the lips, force inspiratory at the same time to the fingers to plug out the trachea, exhale when releasing the trachea.

(5) Repeated operation until the full atomization of drugs, generally need to lo~15min.

(6) Remove the atomizer, turn off the oxygen switch, and place the patient's medical education Network original to make it comfortable, tidy and clean and disinfect the spare.

5. Considerations

(1) The liquid medicine in the atomizer should be immersed in the bend tube.

(2) Keep away from fireworks and inflammable and explosive materials when using oxygen.

(3) Direct access to the flow meter, without the use of wet bottles.

(4) Ask the patient to exhale when the trachea to loose, to prevent the loss of liquid.