Atomization Therapy

- Sep 30, 2016-

Humidification Heating

In order to maintain the normal physiological function of the mucous-cilia system in the respiratory tract, the respiratory tract must be in body and humidity (i.e. in the 37&ORDM, and the humidity in the airway is 100%, that is, 44mg/l). affect the humidification and heating of the respiratory tract:

① inhalation of cold and dry gas.

② high fever.

③ hyperventilation.

④ air through the mouth to breathe or establish artificial airway.

⑤ respiratory disease.

Respiratory effects

1. Insufficient humidification of inhalation gas.

(1) Damaged mucus-cilia system

(2) Decreased pulmonary function

(3) causing inflammation of the respiratory tract

2. Excessive humidification of inhalation gases.

(1) The mucous-cilia system is damaged, the excessive hydration, the cilia movement function weakens, arranges the disorder.

(2) Decreased pulmonary function, impaired ventilation function, increased oxygen partial pressure in the alveolar arteries, pao2↓, and decreased pulmonary compliance.

(3) caused by water poisoning, pulmonary edema (heart and kidney insufficiency and children should pay attention to).

Treatment of lesions

Treatment of local lesions by atomization

External diseases of the lungs

such as: Ergot tartrate for Migraine

can also be used to treat chronic pharyngitis