Nasal oxygen Tube

- Oct 19, 2016-

Disposable nasal oxygen Tube


This product is made of soft polyvinyl chloride and silicone rubber, the nasal oxygen tube according to the type of structure is divided into two nasal types, head ring type (big medium small), earring type (big medium small), single nose type, child type, baby type, by bell, nasal congestion, head ring, tee, adjustment buckle, nasal catheter, connecting catheter, two-pass composition, Baby-connected catheters and nasal catheters are available for connection or optional use.

Scope of Use:

This product is connected to the oxygen supply system for human body oxygen inhalation.

How to use it:

The use of small packaging, the nasal oxygen tube end of the mouth of the oxygen absorption device, the head ring or earrings hanging on the head or ears, the nasal Sessegin nostrils can be inhaled oxygen