Military Air oxygen masks

- Jun 21, 2017-

Modern fighters, all with an automatic booster seat, so that the aircraft in the high altitude flight time inside and outside the same pressure. At the same time, when the plane is flying above 6000 meters, the pilots need to be equipped with oxygen masks because the outside air begins to thin. Breathe oxygen.

These oxygen are in the body of an oxygen cylinder, the aircraft before Take-off, ground personnel in addition to the aircraft refueling and hanging bombs, but also will be mixed oxygen into the oxygen tank.

The seat is sealed, otherwise a slight pressure change in the seat at high altitude will endanger the pilot. At the same time, when a fighter is flying at a high speed (especially during combat), the pressure and G force of the pilot are enormous, and at this point, in addition to the automatic pressure protection of the pilot, the oxygen pump will automatically pressurize to increase the supply of oxygen, Because this time the pilot's lungs under pressure, breathing will be more difficult, this automatic system can ensure that pilots will not hypoxia coma.

Since the seat is automatically adjusted to the altitude of the flight, the pilot can choose to open the Air Exchange device, allow the air to enter the silo, or continue to use an oxygen mask when the fighter flies to the low altitude.

Therefore, modern supersonic fighter pilots, oxygen masks and pressure flying suits are indispensable.

When the fighter takes off, the pilots will first use an oxygen mask and will not choose to breathe outside the air, because the fighter jets are waiting to take off on the runway, will emit a lot of toxic fumes, in order to avoid the gas into the bunker caused poisoning, so the pilots will turn off the air exchange device, using oxygen