Methods of use and precautions for atomizer

- Nov 17, 2015-

How to use

First step: Prepare the power supply

1. Connect Atomizer and Power adapter

2. Plug the power adapter into the power outlet

Step two: Unscrew the Atomization Cup

Step Three:

1. The appropriate quantity of liquid is about 2~7ml (do not exceed 8ml)

2. Too little liquid-can not be sucked up to the liquid, also can not be atomized.

3. Too much medicine-will cause the part of the liquid atomization to be covered by liquid medicine, which can not be atomized.

Step Fourth: Connect the Atomization Cup with the atomizing mask, and the oxygen tube is connected with the Atomization Cup.

Step Fifth: The other end to connect the atomizer outlet

Step sixth: After the power, press the key, the normal atomization.


1. When you use a direct-insert mask, do not tilt the liquid Cup assembly over 45 degrees, and avoid shaking violently.

For children around 2.1 years old, it is recommended that the amount of atomization be smaller. Reasons: can prevent cough, more conducive to absorption, prevent the waste of drugs.