How to use the nebulizer

- Jan 08, 2018-

1. Preparation

Put the atomization on a clean table, insert it on the prepared connection atomizer and the power adapter, and connect the machine.

2 .Put the drug into the nebulizer cup.
Unscrew the atomized cup then put the medicine inside.Medicines should follow below steps:

(1) For pre-mixed drug : turn off the atomizing cup, put the medicine into the it, assembling the mask,nebulizer cup and oxygen tube.

(2) For the drugs that need to mix in:

A, Use the syringe to take the medicine as doctors instruction. But make sure that all the bubbles are discharged.

B, Injecting the drug into the atomized cup. You can inject more than one type of drug into the atomized cup. For example, you can mix Pulmicort and Ventolin,  two drugs to your child at the same time.

 C ,Then connect the atomizing cup to the mask. Take Note: the atomized cup should be put in the appropriate amount of liquid(not more than max capacity). Because the fluid is too small to be able to suck up the liquid, and can not be atomized. Too much liquid medicine will lead to a part of atomization was covered by the liquid, can not be atomized.

3.Start to atomization

(1) Tight the mask on the nose and mouth of the atomizer. For a child, do not keep the nipple in the child's mouth. If the mouthpiece is used, it should be placed between the upper and lower teeth and it is tightened with the lip.

(2)Turn on the compressor. A mist - like drug will be released through the mask compressor.

(3) Breathe slowly through the mouth. Take a deep breath after every 3 or 4 breaths.

(4)When the mask or mouthpiece is no longer foggy, tap the atomizing room 3 times or 4 times to see if there is any excess fog. All drugs have been used when there is still no mist after the tapping of the atomizing chamber.

(5)keep the mask on the face until it is released without mist. Then remove the mask that covers the nose and mouth, or remove the mouthpiece from the mouth and turn off the compressor.