Classification of hypoxia

- Jun 08, 2017-

Oxygen therapy refers to all kinds of anoxic treatment, in addition to eliminating the cause of hypoxia, can be given oxygen inhalation treatment. Inhaling high concentrations of oxygen increases the amount of dissolved oxygen in the plasma to improve the oxygen supply of the tissue. Hypoxia is a series of pathological changes that cause the tissue to be insufficient or used, which causes the body metabolism and even the morphological structure to change. According to the causes of hypoxia and the change of blood oxygen, there are generally 4 types.

Low tensor hypoxia

1, the basic concept: due to arterial blood oxygen pressure reduction, arterial blood oxygen content reduced, resulting in tissue oxygen deficiency caused by hypoxia.

2, occurrence reason: 1) The oxygen partial pressure in the inhalation gas is too low. such as high altitude.

2 laryngeal edema and other respiratory stenosis or obstruction of disease, pleurisy and other thoracic diseases, pneumonia and other lung diseases, respiratory central inhibition or paralysis of disease.

3, the mechanism of occurrence: inhalation of oxygen in the low pressure or external respiratory dysfunction caused by lung ventilation. ventilation function

The reduction of the area of the barrier and the respiratory membrane caused low tensor hypoxia.

4, pathologic characteristics: arterial blood pressure. The blood oxygen content and oxygen saturation are all lower, oxygen capacity is normal, because the function of oxygen is normal, the difference of arterial-venous blood oxygen content decrease or change is not obvious. When low tensor hypoxia (severe ventilation disorder), the concentration of hemoglobin in capillaries decreased, reducing hemoglobin concentration increased, skin. The mucous membrane is green purple (called cyanosis) and reflex to induce respiratory center excitement, compensatory respiration increases.