Brief introduction and classification of atomizer masks

- Nov 16, 2016-

Introduction: Mouth atomizer mainly by gas bottle connectors, catheters, atomization Irrigation (medicine Cup), bellows, tee, mouth composition, mask atomization mainly by gas bottle joints, catheter atomization Irrigation (medicine Cup),

Transition joints, cover body, aluminum sheet, elastic band composition. Product components of the connection should be firm, reliable, in the longitudinal 5N static Force, continuous 30S, should not occur loose off phenomenon: product should be sterile, factory, the residual ethylene oxide should not be less than 10mg/kg

Atomizer Type:

Air Humidifier: The humidifier used to give the air humidification is a kind of atomizer;

Medical Nebulizer: A device for treating upper respiratory diseases, belonging to medical devices;

Other types of nebulizer: A device for hair styling, an important structure of electronic smoke, used for atomization of smoke and oil.

Le instrument atomizer: belongs to the air compression atomizer, currently in the field of medical applications Air compression atomizer has replaced the ultrasonic atomizer