Atomizer type

- Jul 05, 2017-

There are two main principles used in atomization, one is ultrasonic atomizer, the other is compression atomizer.


Ultrasonic Atomizer: The use of ultrasonic principle, the atomization of liquid medicine.

The spray of ultrasonic atomizer has no selectivity with the aerosol particles, so most of the drug particles can only be deposited in the mouth, throat and other upper respiratory tract, and because of the small amount of lung deposition, can not effectively treat lower respiratory diseases. At the same time, because of the large fog particles produced by ultrasonic atomizer, atomization fast, causes the patient to inhale overmuch water vapor, causes the respiratory tract to moisten, the airway inside the original part blocked the bronchus the dry thick secretion absorbs the moisture to swell, increases the respiratory tract resistance, may produce the oxygen-deprived phenomenon, and the ultrasonic atomization device will cause the medicine liquid to form the dew drops to hang on The lower respiratory tract disease effect is not good, the drug demand is big, cause waste phenomenon.


Air-Compression atomizer: Also called Jet Atomization, is based on the Venturi (venturi™) Spray principle, the use of compressed air through the small nozzle formation of high-speed airflow, resulting in a negative pressure-driven liquid or other fluid together into the barrier, in the high-speed impact of splashing around the droplets into a fog-like particles from the vent.